Demand For Kids Streaming Content Still Outpaces Supply

Demand For Kids Streaming Content Still Outpaces Supply
Photo by Ana Klipper / Unsplash

The following is a selection from Brandon Katz of Parrot Analytics.

One content genre that is consistently in high demand on U.S. streaming platforms, but in lower supply, is children's programming. Data from Parrot Analytics suggests that broken down by platform, it’s clear the majority of major services just aren't producing enough kids content for that large audience.

  • Apple TV+ and Peacock are the only major U.S. streamers with higher supply than demand on children's programming, but also have lower demand than most of the other services.
  • Despite a service that seems almost geared toward kids, Disney+ has a demand share of 36% for kids' content, but supply of just 27%.
  • Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Max all have very sizeable gulfs between demand and supply, with demand at least doubling supply in all cases.

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