Daytime TV Spotlight: Top Networks

CBS tops the chart with a 12.40% share of daytime TV ad impressions.

Daytime TV Spotlight: Top Networks

A recent report from highlights how daytime TV provides growing reach opportunity for advertisers, including which networks led for share of daytime TV ad impressions from Labor Day 2022 through Memorial Day 2023.

A few highlights:

  • CBS tops the list with a 12.40% impressions SOV, notably higher than the No. 2 network, ABC, which captured a 7.76% share.
  • CBS (+7.3%), ABC (+15.0%) and NBC (+4.6%) all increased household TV ad impressions during daytime programming year-over-year, creating more ad reach opportunities.
  • Univision's daytime household TV ad impressions climbed over 13% year-over-year — thanks in part to telenovelas, which more than doubled impressions year-over-year during the daypart.

Get additional insights including top show genres, year-over-year daytime advertiser trends and more by downloading iSpot's full report here.