Data: Top Networks Maintained Ad Reach in 2023

Data: Top Networks Maintained Ad Reach in 2023
Photo by Joshua Jumarie / Unsplash

2023 saw an increase in TV ads and ad minutes, according to iSpot’s recently released TV Transparency Report, which helped several networks maintain their ranking position for share of TV ad impressions. Leading the list was CBS, which had a 7.24% impressions share of voice (SOV) for the year, followed by ABC (6.53%) and NBC (5.52%).

A few more insights from the report: 

  • Fox enjoyed a three-spot jump by ad reach compared to 2022, thanks largely to the Super Bowl and other NFL action. 
  • Univision squeaked into the ranking, helped by a 21% year-over-year increase in TV ad impressions, fueled in part by success with daytime programming. 
  • Although it didn’t make the top 10, MSNBC delivered 22.3% more ad impressions vs. 2022, moving from No. 17 to No. 12 on the ranking. 

Get tons more insights on what happened in TV advertising last year by downloading the report here.