Chefclub Network Cooks Up Comeback

Chefclub Network Cooks Up Comeback
Photo by Kevin McCutcheon / Unsplash

Despite the fight for online attention in the online cooking-sphere, one cooking-related publisher appears to be on the move. Audience Ratings data from Tubular Labs shows significant growth for both minutes watched and unique viewers for Chefclub Network’s U.S.-focused channel.

  • Chefclub earned 54.1 million unique U.S. viewers across YouTube and Facebook in May 2024 – No. 3 among all media creators and a 41% month-over-month climb.
  • Watch-time was also up significantly for U.S. viewers, a 55% month-over-month jump to 79.8 million minutes in May 2024. That’s also nearly double Chefclub Network’s watch-time last May, at 44.3 million minutes.
  • Chefclub Network found the right recipe for watch-time and audience growth with a combination of shorter videos and other cooking videos running from two to four minutes in length. Among its most popular new videos on the month were spotlights on pineapple & rib tacos (32.2 million views), breakfast tortilla quiche (30.0 million), and a Takis and steak burrito (29.5 million). 
  • But in general, the publisher’s been able to increase uploads to over 600 per month recently to help push views for new videos, while also feeding hungry audiences a plethora of evergreen and related cooking videos.