All The News You Can View(s)

All The News You Can View(s)
Photo by Bank Phrom / Unsplash

Cable and broadcast news surged in September 2023, as U.S. audiences tuned in to stay informed – but also for less newsworthy fodder as well, according to Tubular Labs.

  • As part of their monthly Audience Ratings findings, Tubular found that in September, NBC News saw its U.S. unique viewers across Facebook and YouTube climb by 19% month-over-month to 44.2 million.
  • ABC News grew 3%, to 30.6 million (but also grew minutes watched by 14% month-over-month), while CBS News saw 51% more unique viewers. Audiences were primarily watching local videos of surprising incidents that had virality to them.
  • Cable news saw its own increases as well. CNN’s U.S. unique viewers grew by 7% month-over-month, Fox News was up 4% and MSNBC climbed 1%.
  • For cable news creators, the most-watched videos of the month were primarily focused on national politics (and particularly, Donald Trump).