Brands Should Consider Buying Ads During Cowboys Games

Brands Should Consider Buying Ads During Cowboys Games
Photo by Adrian Curiel / Unsplash

While every NFL game delivers a large number of ad impressions, some are simply watched more than others – which provides even greater value for advertisers.

iSpot's recent Midseason NFL TV Advertising Report reveals the games that provided the most reach for advertisers, and it wasn't all based on the coveted primetime slots. For brands, it's worth noticing the teams consistently contributing to ad impressions, as a way to optimize buys against NFL games (even if just from a network perspective while looking at the schedule).

  • The Cowboys appeared in five of the top 10 games by TV ad impressions, as a testament to the continued popularity of "America's Team."
  • Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs saw a lift from the Taylor Swift effect, occupying two of the top three spots.
  • Aaron Rodgers was hurt minutes into the 2023-24 season, yet the New York Jets have still been one of of the biggest NFL teams by ad impressions, playing in three of the top five games (while getting a boost from the Chiefs and Cowboys, too).