Brands Hit Big During MLB Playoffs

Brands Hit Big During MLB Playoffs
Photo by Daniel Lee / Unsplash

There was much hand-wringing about the 2023 MLB postseason TV audience (even by your author). But the news wasn't ALL doom and gloom on the TV front. This year’s MLB Playoffs delivered over 18 billion household TV ad impressions – a 21% increase YoY, according to data from iSpot.

  • Auto & general insurance and automakers each accounted for more than 8% of household TV ad impressions during the postseason, led by brands like GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Jeep and Genesis (among many more).
  • MLB games accounted for more than 62% of New Balance's TV ad impressions during the timeframe.
  • Perhaps surprisingly, the beer industry is less focused on MLB Playoffs. Beer was not among the top 10 industries by TV ad impressions during this postseason (No. 12), and was even lower last year (No. 15).