Betting On 'Friends': How Sportsbook TV Ads Are Evolving

Betting On 'Friends': How Sportsbook TV Ads Are Evolving
Photo by Amit Lahav / Unsplash

iSpot’s new report on sportsbook TV advertising shows that the industry has managed to grow TV ad impressions, while also expanding its footprint beyond one that was decidedly focused on football to-date.

  • From Jan. 1-Aug. 15, 2023, sportsbook household TV ad impressions were up 25% vs. the same stretch in 2022. Importantly, “just” 58% of those impressions were delivered by sports programming. By contrast, that figure was 74% the year before.
  • Perhaps as a response to repeated calls of there being too many betting ads — particularly during games — top brands in the space have aimed to diversify the programming where ad buys occur.
  • For instance, while the NBA and NFL have still led the way for sportsbook TV ad impressions so far, you’ll also find programs like Friends, On Patrol: Live and South Park high on the list, with considerable jumps compared to last year.

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