Are Paramount+ And Peacock Complementary Services?

Are Paramount+ And Peacock Complementary Services?
Photo by Melanie Hughes / Unsplash

The following is a selection from Brandon Katz of Parrot Analytics.

As pressure grows for streaming services to find both stability and growth opportunities, consolidation talk is growing. Paramount+ and Peacock have talked about the possibility of a partnership, but would such an agreement be advantageous for the two services? Parrot Analytics explores further:

  • The two services share seven of their top eight genres in terms of volume of supply, with Paramount+ boasting more adventure programming and Peacock housing more crime content, according to Parrot Analytics’ Content Panorama.
  • Both services count more than 50% of their audiences in the 15-31 age range while both also over-index with female viewers; from a content and audience demographic standpoint, there isn’t much expansion opportunity.
  • The combination of live sports rights between the two services would be notable, especially at a time when the idea of sports bundles such as Venu (Warner Bros. Discovery, Disney, Fox) and ESPN’s looming transition to OTT are gaining steam.

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