1 Hispanic-Owned Beauty Brand. $410 Million in Earned Media Value.

CreatorIQ’s Share of Influence report reveals that Rare Beauty dominates Hispanic-owned beauty brands for EMV so far in 2023.

1 Hispanic-Owned Beauty Brand. $410 Million in Earned Media Value.

The cosmetics industry, with its vibrant, visual nature, is ripe for influencer marketing — and creators continually flock to give demos, share tips and promote their favorite products. But one subset of this market that often doesn’t get as much mainstream attention is Hispanic-owned beauty brands.

For its latest Share of Influence report, CreatorIQ analyzed this sector of the cosmetics market and found that so far in 2023, over 8K creators have posted about Hispanic-owned beauty brands more than 190K times, driving an estimated 7 billion impressions, 425 million engagements, and $650 million in Earned Media Value (EMV). That constitutes a 13% year-over-year EMV increase, with a 67% increase in impression and a 64% increase in engagements compared to 2022.  

Leading the pack for EMV — by an astounding amount — is Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty, for which creators have generated a massive $410.5 million EMV this year.

  • Rare Beauty was also the No. 1 U.S. cosmetics brand by EMV ($42.0 million) across the entire industry in August, beating out Charlotte Tilbury ($35.3 million EMV in August) and MAC ($31.7 million).
  • One of Rare Beauty’s most effective posts came from social media star Jooshica, who shared an Instagram Reel of herself bonding with brand founder Selena Gomez at the product’s launch party for Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil, inspiring $205.8K EMV.
  • While it didn’t rank among the top five Hispanic-owned beauty brands, Reina Rebelde ($1.9M EMV) sported the cohort’s most impressive year-over-year increase in EMV, rising 288% compared to January through August 2022.

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