What (Else) Are Women's Basketball Audiences Watching?

What (Else) Are Women's Basketball Audiences Watching?
Photo by Kylie Osullivan / Unsplash

Women's basketball audiences have shown significant growth in recent years, and that could continue as mainstream coverage continues gaining momentum across TV and social video. Those viewers are relatively easy to locate at this point too, as many can also be found watching some of YouTube's most popular creators – per data from Tubular Labs.

  • On YouTube, viewers of women's basketball videos have a 66% overlap with viewers of fitness creator FitFix, and a 63% overlap with ESPN (which also owns the rights for many college conferences and some WNBA games) – same as House of Highlights.
  • Non-sports creators also see major overlap. Dylan Anderson's audience overlaps with women's basketball viewers by 61%, while MrBeast overlaps by 59%.
  • In general, the data shows that women's basketball audiences are EVERYWHERE, and when the sport is put in front of fans, they're tuning in – something that bodes well for what should be another exciting NCAA Tournament this month, with Iowa's Caitlin Clark in a starring role yet again.