What Are Beyoncé Audiences Shopping For At Target?

What Are Beyoncé Audiences Shopping For At Target?
Photo by Jezael Melgoza / Unsplash

Whether Beyoncé sets the Grammy award wins record or not this weekend, her audience is already winning with certain product categories at Target. Consumer Insights data from Tubular Labs below shows which product categories Beyoncé’s VEVO YouTube audience is most likely to shop for at Target, perhaps telegraphing future brand partnerships for the superstar.

  • Beyoncé YouTube viewers were diehards for the superstar, and were more likely to visit Beyoncé.com (124x more likely than the norm) than any other website.
  • On Amazon, her audience was a bit more music-focused, with high affinity for dance pop and vocal pop CDs/vinyls… as well as bow ties (11.0x more likely than the norm).
  • Tubular data shows that these viewers were most likely to search retailer sites for oatmeal (something the singer has noted was a go-to breakfast option).