Is There A Ludicrous Amount Of Ludacris Music On TV?

Is There A Ludicrous Amount Of Ludacris Music On TV?
(Image via The Ludacris Foundation)

Some artists are TV show and ad music fixtures, and others... are Ludacris.

Data from Songtradr shows just how much the rapper's music has been featured on TV of late, in a way that could inform shows, movies and brands that it may be time to roll out of those choices for a little while, and onto music from similar artists instead to strike a similar chord with audiences.

  • For instance, Ludacris music has been featured 14 times on TV shows since the start of 2022; this after 18 uses in 2021 alone.
  • While part of the uptick comes from music performance shows like The Voice and The Masked Singer, there's still been a significant amount of Ludacris during shows, which makes differentiation tougher when utilizing his music.
  • The same goes for ads as well, as Ludacris and Sleepy Brown's "Saturday (Oooh! Ooooh!)" is currently being featured in one of the most-seen holiday ads on TV, Amazon's "Holidays: Rufus" – a spot that's been running since Oct. 31.