Timing is Everything On Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Timing is Everything On Black Friday, Cyber Monday
Photo by Mike Petrucci / Unsplash

As shoppers prepare for the busiest season of the year, brands and agencies are looking to find the best way to find consumers looking for the right deal at the right time. According to a new report from Tubular Labs and Chartbeat, shoppers are looking up deals on mobile post-turkey dinners. 

  • Chartbeat shows that in 2022, mobile traffic increased 59% from 11a.m.-noon and then peaked at 3 p.m. Search traffic peaked at 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving – just as people were finishing their pie, shoo-ing their relatives out the door, and looking for early deals.
  • While search around Cyber Monday and Black Friday surged through Thanksgiving, the focus shifted to social from Black Friday on.
  • Through Tubular's Consumer Insights product, it was revealed that audiences that are looking for Black Friday deals across social video and Amazon, are more likely to plan out expensive purchases like tech products and gaming consoles in the fall months leading into the holidays. Smaller purchases like makeup and fashion were found to be researched closer to the holidays in December.