TikTok Music Trends: August 2023 — Songs of Summer

Songtradr dives into essential TikTok music hacks and trends, and highlights TikTok's inaugural 'Songs of the Summer' list.

TikTok Music Trends: August 2023 — Songs of Summer

As summer comes to an end, B2B music company Songtradr spotlights the standout tracks and emerging trends on TikTok.

Notable songs like Doechii's "What It Is" and Myke Towers' "LALA" experienced rapid popularity on the platform, while TikTok catapulted individuals like Mae Stephens, a supermarket worker, to viral fame with her track "If We Ever Broke Up." The current TikTok music trends include continued influences from the Barbie movie, a crossover from a video gamer, and buzz around "Taylor's Version."

Track: “I’m Just Ken” — Mark Ronson
Trend: Barbie movie moments
TikTok is abuzz with Barbie Movie trends like the "I'm Just Ken" song, sung by Ryan Gosling, showcasing "Barbie Personas," #myken partner habits, and lip-sync renditions of other songs from the film.

Track: “Never Back Down” — Nick Eh 30
Trend: Never Back Down
“Never Back Down” is a song, as well as a catchphrase created from a soundbite from the gamer Nick Eh 30 – The trend features TikTokers adopting it as a motivational quote for comical skits and ironic meme videos.

Track: Cruel Summer Sped Up – Bia (Taylor’s version)
Trend: Various
Taylor Swift’s extension of her record-breaking Eras Tour has kept her trending through August. TikTokers are using this track to show daily vlogs, recipe videos, and beauty routines.

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