Taylor Swift's Football Season Social Views Upswing

Taylor Swift's Football Season Social Views Upswing
Photo by Rosa Rafael / Unsplash

Taylor Swift certainly doesn't "need" Travis Kelce or the NFL to be any more famous. Yet, her relationship with the standout Kansas City Chiefs tight end does appear to be helping boost YouTube views related to the pop star. Data from Tubular Labs shows how Swift-related topics are getting more views on the platform since the season began.

  • Since Sept. 4-10, Swift-related videos have garnered nearly 300 million views per week on YouTube (a total of 5.9 billion), with a high of 383 million from Nov. 13-19.
  • Notably, none of the 25 most-viewed videos in that timeframe are NFL-related, but... the timing of the Swift views uptick does match with the start of her relationship with Kelce.
  • In the 20 weeks prior to September, Swift videos accumulated 4.5 billion views (an average of about 225 million per week).