Taylor Swift's Licensing Limits

Taylor Swift's Licensing Limits
(via iSpot)

While Taylor Swift is everywhere between her record-setting tour, album drops (both new and re-releases) and the Eras Tour in movie theaters – one place you don't see much of her is on TV – apart from some recent NFL Sundays.

Data from Songtradr reveals that the star's music actually hasn't been licensed for a single TV show or movie since 2008, when her music was used here and there during episodes of 90210 and The Hills.

  • TV exposure via ads has also been pretty limited as well, with Capital One being the only brand partner in commercials since 2020.
  • Capital One has also done its part to promote the Eras Tour movie event.
  • With Swift now officially a billionaire, and seemingly printing money with her music and tours, you could argue she's beyond the point of really needing music licensing, since she's arguably doing more for the brand than they could possibly do for her.
  • However, brands can use data from Songtradr to identify other music that Swift's audience is listening to, or sounds that might fit the same mold – and are more likely to be licensed.