Tech Continues Super Bowl TV Ad Takeover

Tech Continues Super Bowl TV Ad Takeover
Photo by Robs / Unsplash

While automotive and beer brands once reigned supreme during the Super Bowl, recent years have signaled a major shift in how many industries approach the Big Game and its big audience reach opportunity (and price tag). Data from iSpot's recent Super Bowl LVIII Creative Analysis report takes a look at industry adjustments over time – including the rise of tech, which continued this year.

  • For the second straight year, tech brands had the highest share of screen time during the Super Bowl; the industry accounted for 13% during 2024's game, vs. 18% during the 2023 contest.
  • Candy & snack brands were another big winner during Super Bowl LVIII, accounting for 10% of ad duration, which was up from 8% in 2023 and 6% in 2022.
  • As industries like tech and candy/snacks have risen, there's been a precipitous drop for automakers, falling from 40% of ad duration in 2011, down to 8% this year.