Star Trek Stuns For Paramount+

Star Trek Stuns For Paramount+
Photo by Wonderlane / Unsplash

In a sea of IP-driven streaming content, Star Trek rarely gets the same fanfare as its counterparts. Yet, the long-running franchise has no problem drawing in similar audience demand, as data from Parrot Analytics highlights. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds had 45x higher demand than the average show in its first four days – competing with (or surpassing) “bigger” franchises. That’s a boost for Paramount+, which can continue to bank on Star Trek’s reliable viewership.

  • The final season of Picard, which served as an expertly coordinated reunion for The Next Generation with warp drives fueled by well-executed nostalgia, was the 17th most in-demand TV series in the US during its February-April run.
  • Star Trek: Discovery will soon conclude a five season run in which it has ranked among the top 2.7% of all series in the US in demand since premiering in 2017.

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