Safelite Winning On TV With Drama, Likeability

Safelite Winning On TV With Drama, Likeability
Photo by Max Tokarev / Unsplash

During the month of May, Safelite Auto Glass's "Busy Working From Home" was the No.2 most-seen ad on TV, according to impressions data from iSpot. But creative, which debuted in late April 2024, was not just seen a ton. It was also pretty well-liked by audiences.

  • iSpot Creative Assessment data shows that the ad was 8% more likeable than the norm for automotive services spots in 2024, and also 8% more watchable according to those surveyed.
  • The ad's message, always being there when you need Safelite services, was the single best thing about the ad, according to 25% of those surveyed. It also had 80% brand recognition – surpassing the industry norm of 69%.
  • While it was among the most-seen ads on TV, "Busy Working From Home" was not as focused on premium programming like live sports. The ad did appear during some baseball and hockey action, but far more of its reach was delivered by drama & action shows (17.7% of TV ad impressions) and reality (10.9%).