Reels-y Effective Content Types On Instagram

Reels-y Effective Content Types On Instagram
Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

A new annual survey from CreatorIQ reveals numerous findings around the creator economy, including just how important Instagram Reels have become. According to the report, respondents say Reels are the most effective (most likely to drive engagement/outcomes) content type on Instagram 71% of the time. But just 10% said Stories were, despite also being video-based. Other key takeaways from the video portion of the report:

  • 74% of creators posted more videos on Instagram this year than the year before, while just 11% posted fewer videos.
  • 64% of creators surveyed used an influencer marketplace to connect with brands.
  • Just 15% of creators surveyed worked with agencies to connect with brands.
via CreatorIQ