Netflix Streaming Rivals Still Have The IP To Compete

Netflix Streaming Rivals Still Have The IP To Compete
Photo by Tommy van Kessel / Unsplash

The following is a selection from Brandon Katz of Parrot Analytics.

When looking at Parrot Analytics’ most in-demand U.S. TV premieres of 2023 – which takes into account the level of audience demand within the first 30 days after a first episode has aired – a few trends immediately pop out.

  • Netflix does lead the pack with three of the top 10, yet faces more than enough respectable competition to prevent a full-blown monopoly. 
  • Even as Disney’s heavyweight IP combo of Marvel and Star Wars face questions about brand fatigue, both still manage to draw considerable upfront audiences with Ahsoka and Secret Invasion, and a renewed focus on quality over quantity may help refurbish both IP pillars.
  • Notably, just three of the 10 most in-demand premieres of 2023 did not rely on previous on-screen IP and franchise safety nets: Daisy Jones & The SixBlue Eye Samurai and The Night Agent.

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