Netflix, Narnia Bet On Brains Behind Barbie

Netflix, Narnia Bet On Brains Behind Barbie
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge / Unsplash

The following is a selection from Brandon Katz of Parrot Analytics.

When looking at the global average and peak demand of the previous three Narnia films over the last 12 months, per Parrot Analytics, we largely see diminishing returns that suggests the franchise has not exactly been the most enduring property.

  • This tracks with the general reception of the trilogy, which saw its IMDb ratings drop with each successive release from 2005-2010, and its box office performance, which never managed to match the highs of the original’s $720 million worldwide.
  • Netflix is hoping Greta Gerwig’s magical touch can re-elevate the IP from its relatively dormant status, though doing so doesn’t appear to be the easiest of paths.

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