Narrative Ads Boost Super Bowl Brands

Narrative Ads Boost Super Bowl Brands
Photo by Caroline Veronez / Unsplash

There's no sure-fire recipe for what makes a winning Super Bowl ad, but there are also plenty of guidelines for what helps Big Game spots succeed. Research from iSpot reveals how storytelling and narrative-focused Super Bowl ads have resonated well with consumers over the last decade.

  • Since 2014, the top Super Bowl ad connecting through the Narrative* (scoring a perfect 10 on the emo) was Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love,” airing in 2014. Viewer hearts melted as the 60-second story arc followed an adorable golden retriever pup befriending a Clydesdale only to be separated due to his adoption.
  • On average, narrative-focused ads have generated more emotional reactions (12) than ads without narratives (9), and both those with and without celebrities (10 apiece).
  • Narrative boosted brand recognition as well, as narrative-focused Super Bowl ads had an average brand recognition score of 80% – versus 72% for no-narrative ads, 75% for spots with celebrities and 74% for those without.