Music Accounts for 15% of UK Beauty Industry’s Business Performance

Music provides a “sonic watermark” to unify fragmented beauty influencer marketing activity.

Music Accounts for 15% of UK Beauty Industry’s Business Performance

In the latest installment of its ongoing Music of Business series, Songtradr applied its MusicIQ analysis to the UK beauty industry, measuring the effectiveness of the music choices among the top 10 brands in the category.

This analysis is particularly important for the beauty industry, given how much it relies on user-generated content from fans, influencers, and celebrity partners. Among the top 200 beauty videos on YouTube, only 14% were uploaded by the brands themselves (the other 86% were uploaded by individual content creators). What’s more, beauty brands represent 25% of all influencer marketing activity.

Among the results:

  • Lancôme achieved the highest MusicIQ score at 61%, ranking first in consistency and distinctiveness by implementing a cohesive music strategy across various marketing channels.
  • L’Oréal excelled in sourcing music, with over 80% of their music sourced from custom or licensed sources, contributing to their second-place overall ranking with a score of 54%.
  • Shiseido demonstrated the highest engagement levels, with engagement rates almost double the category average, earning them a score of 43% and highlighting the positive correlation between music choice and brand performance.

Check out the full white paper from Songtradr, here.