Ms. Rachel’s Big Month For ‘Littles’

Ms. Rachel’s Big Month For ‘Littles’
Photo by Stephen Andrews / Unsplash

Ms. Rachel, of toddler learning giant “Songs for Littles,” continues to win big on social video.

In June, Ms. Rachel’s U.S. minutes watched grew by 4% month-over-month – putting the channel at 2.1 billion, which is 75% more than any other creator (according to Tubular Audience Ratings).

  • Ms. Rachel videos emphasize lengthier videos over volume, leading to a high number of minutes watched per unique viewers. Interestingly, unique viewers for the account grew by 20% vs. May 2023, making Ms. Rachel a top-20 creator account by that measure as well.
  • Cocomelon and Ms. Rachel are interesting case studies in two different approaches to similar audiences, while both earning significant results. The chart below shows how Cocomelon also reaches nearly three times the number of U.S. unique viewers, even with the shorter video length.