Late England Equalizer Scores Streaming Audience, Ad Boost

Late England Equalizer Scores Streaming Audience, Ad Boost
Photo by Mitch Rosen / Unsplash

Jude Bellingham's dramatic 95th-minute goal in England’s Euro 2024 match vs, Slovakia led to a significant increase in streaming audiences and advertising views, according to data from Yospace. This spike, primarily from mobile devices, resulted in the ad break immediately after becoming the most-watched of the game. 

  • 95th-minute goal impact: The goal boosted streaming audiences by 25%, significantly increasing ad views.
  • Mobile viewer dominance: The majority of the viewer increase came from mobile devices as fans tuned in from various locations. 
  • Post-match ad success: The ad break immediately following the final whistle was the most-watched, generating millions of extra ad views.

*Data on streaming audiences and advertising views were collected from 13 global broadcasters using Yospace’s SSAI technology to analyse viewer behaviour during key moments of the match and measure the impact on ad views and audience engagement.