Los Angeles Chargers Own NFL Offseason On YouTube

Los Angeles Chargers Own NFL Offseason On YouTube
Photo by Anders Krøgh Jørgensen / Unsplash

The NFL is a year-round league at this point, even if games only take place from Septemeber through early February. With that in mind, franchises need to find ways to engage with fans throughout the year – and many do, especially on social video channels like YouTube.

Tubular Labs data reveals the top NFL teams by YouTube views from Feb. 13 (the day afer the Super Bowl) through Aug. 30. While's correlation between team success and the number of views, there's also a case to be made here that fans simply want engaging content – and giving it to them is also to the club's benefit.

  • The Los Angeles Chargers uploaded the most videos of any team (881) and had the most YouTube views in the timeframe (51.0 million).
  • Super Bowl participants the Phiadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs were No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, by offseason YouTube views.
  • Just two teams managed fewer than 2 million views for the offseason – the Arizona Cardinals (1.8 million) and Tennessee Titans (1.3 million).