Insurance TV Ad Impressions Decrease 17% Year-Over-Year

Insurance TV Ad Impressions Decrease 17% Year-Over-Year
Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash

iSpot’s new insurance industry report includes this major takeaway: Insurance brand TV ad impressions declined by 17% YoY from Jan. 1-Aug. 31. The report also uncovered these major findings:

  • Auto & general insurance brands saw a YoY increase share of TV ad impressions delivered during daytime, from 16.56% to 19.43% — the shift is part of a larger advertising trend toward more impressions during that daypart.
  • While insurance TV ad impressions decreased YoY across all categories, life insurance actually jumped by 16.8%, in part due to growth during reality programming, drama & action series and TV movies.
  • Insurance brands reduced TV ad impressions during men's college basketball games by 29% YoY, though brands like New York Life and Humana (among others) still saw increases during the sport compared to the same period in 2022.