Video Insights Help Brands During Football Season

Video Insights Help Brands During Football Season
Photo by Nicholas Green / Unsplash

Football is the most popular sport in the country, so it makes sense that brands want to activate around that content – whether it’s on TV or social media platforms. But NFL and college football ad buys are expensive, and it’s ideal to know that you’re putting messaging in front of an audience that’s likely to complete a purchase.

That’s where understanding the customer journey comes in. Consumer Insights data from Tubular Labs shows advertisers determine existing affinity for product types and even specific brands, while also understanding how search and website visit behaviors may create new partnership opportunities (or opportunities with better ROI).

  • If a golf club brand wants to advertise with ESPN around college football social video content, they’ll find high Amazon shopping affinity there (130x higher than the norm for golf club shafts), but also a high affinity for Georgia football.
  • Cincinnati Bengals social video viewers are actually far more likely to visit blog Cincy Jungle (5182x higher affinity than the norm) vs. the teams’ official website (2529x higher than the norm).
  • Consumer Insights can also showcase unexpected shopping behaviors. For instance, San Francisco 49ers’ video viewers have a high affinity for shopping for power lifting cages on Amazon (73x more likely than the norm), while Kansas City Chiefs viewers are 78x more likely to shop for POHL SCHMITT kitchen appliances.