How Close Games Can 'Defy Gravity' For TV Ad Reach

How Close Games Can 'Defy Gravity' For TV Ad Reach
Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR / Unsplash

While blowout games can create opportunities for TV ad impression under-delivery, as iSpot data previously showed, close games can have the opposite effect. When games are delivering spot-level impressions (SLI) well above average-minute audience (ACM) levels, advertisers are getting more bang for their buck – BUT networks effectively give away reach additional reach.

As detailed further in iSpot's latest report, Every Second Counts:

  • During the Iowa vs. LSU women's basketball game on April 1, TV viewership steadily climbed throughout (aside from the natural dip at halftime), peaking in the game’s final minute as viewers flocked to TVs to catch the conclusion.
  • Advertisers with spots airing over the last several pods during the game were beneficiaries of dramatically larger SLI delivery than the game’s ACM would've indicated – 43 million more over 17 ad units.
  • 17% of all game advertisers had ads run only between pod 8 through the conclusion, meaning those brands only saw ads over-perform ACM.