Holidays Herald Ad Impressions Bump For Hallmark

Holidays Herald Ad Impressions Bump For Hallmark
Photo by Alsu Vershinina / Unsplash

Hallmark’s holiday programming is a major boon to the network – and its advertisers this time of year. iSpot data shows how the network’s share of TV ad impressions jumps considerably starting Nov. 1 – versus the rest of the year.

  • From Jan. 1-Oct. 31, 2023, Hallmark delivered 2.08% of TV ad impressions (No. 11 among all networks), but that soared to 3.44% from Nov. 1-Dec. 12, 2023 (No. 5 overall).
  • This doesn't even include Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, either. That network climbs from 0.97% (No. 29) to 1.79% (No. 12) in those respective timeframes.
  • Looking back at all of 2022, over 32% of Hallmark Channel's household TV ad impressions were delivered during Q4 (with nearly three-quarters of those coming in November and December).