Highlighting Streaming's Super Subgenres

Highlighting Streaming's Super Subgenres
Photo by alexey turenkov / Unsplash

The following is a selection from Brandon Katz of Parrot Analytics.

As media companies evaluate content investments for 2024 and beyond, there's even more scrutiny being applied to how much bang they're really getting for their buck when it comes to specific show genres. Data from Parrot Analytics investigates where audience demand is coming from, where spend has been concentrated, and how a shift may be coming:

  • Drama (38.1%), comedy (13.4%), animation (12.3%), reality (9.8%), children (8.9%) and action and adventure (6.2%) were the six most in-demand genres globally in 2023 based on demand share.
  • Genre — such as sci fi, fantasy, and superhero — entertainment tends to be among the most expensive to produce.
  • In this era of cost cutting, in which customer acquisition must be more strategically balanced with retention and engagement, does it make more sense to develop a single $100 million superhero series or spread that money across both a sitcom and a crime drama?

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