DIY Content Goes Long For Holiday Season

DIY Content Goes Long For Holiday Season
Photo by Lydia Matzal / Unsplash

While short-form content has exploded over the past few years, longer content still has its benefits. According to a new report from Tubular Labs and Chartbeat, 0-30 second videos made up the largest share of holiday DIY & decorating videos in 2022, but it's 61-120 second videos that have seen views surge over 1,500% YoY.

Some additional insights around DIY videos for the holiday season: 

  • Viewership for the Holiday DIY & Decorating category on YouTube has already skyrocketed by 75% YoY.
  • Posting early pays off – Last year, the top two DIY & Decor videos on TikTok were both posted in early November. However, 2023’s most popular video so far was posted in July — racking up over 85% of the views of last year’s second most watched video.
  • While posting Christmas decor content in July might seem a bit out of place, the high volume of viewership shows that TikTok audiences enjoy getting holiday inspiration early. 

For more best practices on how to prepare your social calendar for the shopping season, download the full Holiday Content Trends Unwrapped report here.