With Video, Podcasts Merge Into Talk Show Territory

With Video, Podcasts Merge Into Talk Show Territory
Photo by Jonathan Velasquez / Unsplash

Podcasts have grown in popularity over the years, both in availability and audiences. And now, podcasters have started in earnest to expand the historically audio-only format into video. New research from Tubular Labs indicates podcasts are quickly becoming the new “talk shows.”

  • Tubular data shows The Joe Rogan Experience – the No. 1 global podcast on Spotify this year – also regularly posts longer-form 10-to-15 minute clips on YouTube. In its best month, Rogan’s podcast content was watched for 19.1 million minutes across YouTube and Facebook.
  • Call Her Daddy, the No. 2 global podcast on Spotify, has leaned into TikTok with short-form clips from interviews, and makes the full video versions available across multiple platforms and website.
  • Call Her Daddy TikTok viewers also have high overlap with audiences watching channels like Barstool Sports, Daily Mail and ESPN; and knowing as much could spur some unlikely but natural (according to the data) content partnerships.

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