Data: Creators Make The Best TikTok Ads

Data: Creators Make The Best TikTok Ads
Photo by Solen Feyissa / Unsplash

With more than 1 billion monthly active community members, TikTok has become a driving force of digital culture and an integral platform for advertisers. But with no shortage of engaging content, how can advertisers stand out on the platform?

A recent report from TikTok and creator marketing platform CreatorIQ found that creators overwhelmingly make the best-performing TikTok ads, with recommendations carrying more weight than traditional brand advertisements and celebrity spokespeople.

  • 57% of TikTok community members say creators are trustworthy
  • 56% say they can trust a brand because a creator shared it
  • 71% say creator authenticity led them to buy a product

“This report provides advertisers with a new playbook for how to execute successful creator campaigns, powered by data, insights, and real-world examples from leading brands identified by CreatorIQ,” Jorge Ruiz, Global Head of Marketing Science at TikTok.