Creators, Get Your New Year's Health Content Uploaded Early

Creators, Get Your New Year's Health Content Uploaded Early
Photo by John Arano / Unsplash

Health and fitness typically take center stage at the beginning of every year, as people set new resolutions and/or try to shed some extra pounds tacked on during the holiday season. For creators trying to get eyeballs on their New Year's health and fitness content, however, Tubular Labs data reveals that earlier is better to net the most views.

  • From Dec. 1-Jan. 4, U.S. health and fitness videos on YouTube earned over 4.7 billion views, according to Tubular Labs.
  • While this content ran the gamut of topics under "health and fitness," a many of the most-viewed videos were uploaded in the early half of December; not toward the end of the month, when audiences are more likely to be most in search of it.
  • In fact, 16 of the top 25 U.S. health and fitness videos – and the entire top five – by views were all uploaded during the first half of December.
  • Understanding the long tail of this sort of content heading into the new year can help inform strategies for individual creators and brands alike, instead of trying to get in under the wire around the holidays in late December.
Daily U.S. YouTube views for health and fitness content, Dec. 1, 2023-Jan. 4, 2024