Could Disney+ And Hulu Dethrone Netflix?

Could Disney+ And Hulu Dethrone Netflix?
Photo by Kenrick Mills / Unsplash

The following is a selection from Brandon Katz of Parrot Analytics.

Hulu's integration into Disney+ (in a beta version this December and rolling out wide in March) sounds may not sound like a big deal on paper. But the combination of the two content libraries actually helps create true four-quadrant appeal for the unified services, as data from Parrot Analytics explains.

  • Disney+ connects most with male audiences, and 55.4% of its audience is aged 13-29. Hulu, meanwhile, over-indexes with female audiences and has a higher share of Gen X+ viewers than Disney+.
  • These are complementary audience concentrations that speak to valuable broad appeal when combined.
  • Combined, Disney+ and Hulu account for a whopping 24.4% total catalog demand share, easily besting market-leader Netflix (17.3%) in the US as of Q3 – suggesting a Disney+/Hulu streamer could threaten Netflix as the No. 1 living room streaming entertainment option.

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