Biden Winning Pageviews Battle With Trump

Biden Winning Pageviews Battle With Trump
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

"Trump bump?" Maybe not so much anymore, as recent data from Chartbeat shares. Its Election HQ reveals that while pageviews for articles about both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have picked up in the new year, articles about Biden are still averaging significantly more per day.

  • Biden-related articles averaged 26.5 million daily pageviews in March and April, versus 20.7 million for Trump-related pieces.
  • Engagement told a similar story, with Biden-related articles averaging 301K of engaged time per day, compared to 246K per day for Trump (notably, Trump had a significant advantage when it came to engaged time during the 2020 cycle).
  • Of course, all of this likely changes in May – Trump content soared to 12.3 million seconds of engagement per minute (up from just over 1 million prior to the verdict), and didn't dip back down until to pre-verdict levels until after June 1.